<div lang="EN" xml:lang="EN"> <h1>Toskana villa urlaub</h1> <p>The story continues...with our <b>Toskana Villa Urlaub</b>, Villa della Certosa, located in Gambassi Termi, a perfect base for exploring Florence, Siena, and Pisa.</p> <p>Perched on the hilltops or standing along the river banks, built of white marble or red brick, the perfect facades of <b>Tuscany's art capitals</b> conceal a history of struggle, turmoil, and passion.</p> <p>But Villa della Certosa also offers the opportunity to discover the smaller towns just a few miles away: Certaldo, the native town of Boccaccio;</p> <p> [<a href="terme.html"><b>toskana villa urlaub</b></a>] [<a href="dintorni.html">vacances en toscane</a>] [<a href="home.html">tuscany accommodation</a>] [<a href="camere.html">toscana bed and breakfast</a>] [<a href="../ITA/home.html">gambassi terme</a>] [<a href="../ITA/dintorni.html">toscana B&amp;B</a>] [<a href="../ITA/camere.html">camere toscana</a>] [<a href="../ITA/appartamento.html">vacanze in toscana</a>] [<a href="../index.html">residence toscana</a>] [<a href="../ITA/terme.html">terme in toscana</a>] </p> </div>
toskana villa urlaub
toskana villa urlaub urlaub toskana toskana villa

Travel means reclaiming your time as your own,
“losing” yourself just enough to restore the health of your body and spirit. Nature has been generous with Gambassi Terme, endowing it with natural springs whose proven curative properties have made it famous among Tuscan spas.

To make your stay even more enjoyable, we have reached an agreement with Acqua Salsa di Pillo, a modern spa facility and wellness center just a step away from our Villa, surrounded by beautiful private grounds. You can choose from a customized series of health and beauty treatments, for blissful pampering in a truly relaxing atmosphere.