<div lang="EN" xml:lang="EN"> <h1>Toskana villa urlaub</h1> <p>The story continues...with our <b>Toskana Villa Urlaub</b>, Villa della Certosa, located in Gambassi Termi, a perfect base for exploring Florence, Siena, and Pisa.</p> <p>Perched on the hilltops or standing along the river banks, built of white marble or red brick, the perfect facades of <b>Tuscany's art capitals</b> conceal a history of struggle, turmoil, and passion.</p> <p>But Villa della Certosa also offers the opportunity to discover the smaller towns just a few miles away: Certaldo, the native town of Boccaccio;</p> <p> [<a href="terme.html"><b>toskana villa urlaub</b></a>] [<a href="dintorni.html">vacances en toscane</a>] [<a href="home.html">tuscany accommodation</a>] [<a href="camere.html">toscana bed and breakfast</a>] [<a href="../ITA/home.html">gambassi terme</a>] [<a href="../ITA/dintorni.html">toscana B&amp;B</a>] [<a href="../ITA/camere.html">camere toscana</a>] [<a href="../ITA/appartamento.html">vacanze in toscana</a>] [<a href="../index.html">residence toscana</a>] [<a href="../ITA/terme.html">terme in toscana</a>] </p> </div>